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Re: [OM] Focus Camera

Subject: Re: [OM] Focus Camera
From: "Giles" <cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 07:42:46 +0000
I must put in a plug for Unruh Photographics.  I dealt with Bill 
Unruh and found him very honourable, trustworthy and helpful.  I know 
you meant firms that sell new stuff but I just had to but-in in case 
there were some people who thought the two traders you mentioned were 
the only honest dealers.


> Yes, some of these mail order Cos are just liars and thieves.  Perhaps
> it would be fitting, when we hear a story like this,  to bombard them
> with e-mails saying "We know what you did and we won't buy from you." or
> something.  Don't even have to get specific with names.
> Now, for the soapbox: PLEASE, people, stick with the reputable ones who
> won't (or are FAR less apt to) screw you. These would be limited to, I
> believe, B&H and Adorama.
> And, of course, don't forget our list members: Gary Schloss, John
> Hermanson and the Big O guy.
> george

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