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Re: [OM] Focus Camera

Subject: Re: [OM] Focus Camera
From: "John Petrush" <jfp@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 22:41:53 -0400

How much focal length you need is totally dependent on your credentials.
Assuming you can not get any kind of photo pass, then you need LOTS of

For road courses such as Brands Hatch, you will not be able to get much
closer than 50 meters anywhere.  Than means you need *at least* 200mm to get
reasonable tight.  300mm is better.  A 1.4X-A teleconvertor is an essential
piece of kit if you are going to be serious about this, as is a monopod.

Lens speed is vital.  Both my long teles (Tokina) are f/2.8 lenses.  I'd say
f/4 is a minimum.  Even at that you are counting on good, bright light of
1000 ISO film.  As real racing occurs in the rain (unlike American-style
stock car racing) you need to be able to handle poor lighting conditions.
That means speed.

Now what is interesting is to take a very wide angle along with you too.
Wander about the paddock with a 24, or even a 21mm, mounted on your OM.  Get
close and play with angles, especially low perspectives.  Good stuff there
and speed is not important.

John P

Richard Dale <Richard_Dale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> lamented:

>I thought you'd like to know my experience, having transferred $1518 to
>purchase several macro items of new Oly stuff as advertised on their
>website, they said on 22/05 that they could not obtain it, after having
>taken weeks about it.
>Now I am still waiting for a refund! I know I know should have gone to B&H!
>I've sent countless EMs and phoned them from the UK a few times.
>You can't get the items in the UK except at exorbitant prices.
>It may be easier actually putting this money towards other Oly
>equipment rather than getting a refund out of them.
>I have nothing longer than 135, how is the quality
>of the 180 f2.8, 300 f4.5 zuikos compared with the competition
>(if there is any).Are they outdated. I'll be buying new.
>PS cannot afford 180 f2.0, or other tele-exotica in that range
>if I could probably wouldn't use it enough to justify cost.
> I would like to try photographing motor racing, I suppose 180 is
>not long enough? You can get quite near at places like Brands Hatch
>in the UK.

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