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[OM] Oly and Pro Work

Subject: [OM] Oly and Pro Work
From: Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 14:20:26 -0400
>>Beyond a few dollars--fewer than for most other kinds of publications--what
does someone get with a front-page photo in a newspaper?  What is tougher to
come by, a published photo in a newspaper or a mint 21/2?  (Yes, I'm jaded.  I
make my living by selling thousands of photos taken by other people to various
kinds of publications each year.  I like it, but there is nothing magic or
glorified about it.)>>

I would like to try to bring the two sides together, because I think it's
pretty simple :-)

As you say, you and many pros are jaded. You get your pix on the front page
of whatever, and your biggest complaint is you don't get enough money for
it (that's a collective 'you'). It's a job, and like most people, you don't
think you get paid enough for it.

The amateur is already making a living in another field. He takes pictures
for love, or art. Since he's making money already, he doesn't care if he
makes a token amount for a photo, as long as he makes something. The main
thing is his recognition as an artist. Publication of a photo on the front
page of one of the world's leading newspapers, (even if it only was a car
in a mudhole) provides that recognition. A great many amateurs would
certainly be willing to part with a large sum of money for that
recognition. One gets to call up the relatives, friends, and even old
lovers, and say 'Yes, I am an Artist. It is now official. Look at the front
page of today's New York Times. All that money you complained about me
spending--it was worth it!'

A few years ago, when I was looking for paying work, I landed a job
shooting the bottom of a woman's foot for a podiatrist ad in the Yellow
Pages (don't laugh). This was a real job; we had a foot model, a hand model
to hold the foot, and a real Art Director. As bad is it was, I was tickled
pink when the Yellow Pages was published, and I could tell everyone about
my Real Job.

Probably got paid more than the front page of the 'Times, also :-)


Denton Taylor
Photogallery at www.dentontaylor.com

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