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Re: [OM] OM-4Ti Concerns

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-4Ti Concerns
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 11:24:48 -0700
> Unfortunately my OM-4Ti has developed a problem.  Approximately 400f
> my shots are under exposed in the lower-left hand corner of the print. 
> With the camera back removed, no lens attached and a winder II on, I've
> fired the camera in quick succesion while looking through the back.
> To my dismay, the right-hand corner of the secondary mirror appears to
> be sitting considerably lower than the left-had corner - thus
> accounting, I suppose, for the under exposed corner on the print.

Hmmm. I'm not sure how the mirror could cause this problem. I'd say it would 
have something to do with the shutter curtain if it's only affecting part of 
image. Remember, the mirror plays no role in the actual exposure; it's just for 
the viewfinder image. As I understand it, even the metering is done *through* 
the mirror in the 4-T, as opposed to using meter cells in the prism area on 
earlier models.
> Any thoughts as to where I can have this repaired and for how much
> (approx) would be greatly appreciated.  I live in Vancouver BC, and will
> send the body to the recommended shop that is best able to repair it at
> a reasonable cost.

My experience indicates that there is probably *no* decent repair shop in 
Vancouver, especially for the 4-T. My 4-T went to Brighouse cameras last year 
for a focus problem caused by mirror alignment error. Although Brighouse used 
to be an Oly service centre, they are no longer, and do not have the tools to 
the 4-T. Furthermore, even if they did, I would *never* send anything to them 
again, based on the awful experience I had with them. (they kept the camera 
for several months before telling me the were incapable of fixing it. They then 
wanted me to send a lens to them, so they could attempt a trial and error 
adjustment of the mirror, trying to have me believe that my lens would make a 
difference.) In the end, I called Carsen in Toronto, the Oly agent for Canada, 
who referred me to Nortown in Mississauga, where the camera was sent. There 
it sat for a further few months until I finally called Nortown myself. At this 
I was told they were waiting for approval from Brighouse to repair the camera. 
took nearly 6 months in total before I saw my 4-T again, with a replacement 
mirror from Nortown.

I would suggest finding out as much as you can about the problem from this 
list, then either contact Carsen about sending it to an Oly service centre, or 
send it to John Hermanson at Camtech, who has received many 
recommendations from this list. (mine was serviced under warranty, which is 
why I had to deal with Brighouse, then Nortown).

Good luck.

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