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[OM] OM-4Ti Concerns

Subject: [OM] OM-4Ti Concerns
From: Ralph Nitschke <Ralph_Nitschke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 22:49:39 -0700
Greetings to all,

Although I'm new to the list - I have been a happily loyal OM user since
my first OM-1MD (circa 1979). This camera, except for a malfunctioning
'B' (the shutter won't stay open), has never let me down.

Unfortunately my OM-4Ti has developed a problem.  Approximately 400f
my shots are under exposed in the lower-left hand corner of the print. 
With the camera back removed, no lens attached and a winder II on, I've
fired the camera in quick succesion while looking through the back.

To my dismay, the right-hand corner of the secondary mirror appears to
be sitting considerably lower than the left-had corner - thus
accounting, I suppose, for the under exposed corner on the print.

Any thoughts as to where I can have this repaired and for how much
(approx) would be greatly appreciated.  I live in Vancouver BC, and will
send the body to the recommended shop that is best able to repair it at
a reasonable cost.

The problem is not critical, but it is a nuiscance and has spoiled a
number of nice shots.

Thanks in advance,

Self-Confessed Olympus Addict

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