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Re: [OM] Oly and Pro Work

Subject: Re: [OM] Oly and Pro Work
From: "Ulf Westerberg" <ulf.westerberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 19:44:06 +0200
Andy Wiese

>Hi all,
>Thinking about the recent discussions about Pros using OMs, and about OM
>advertising, I just pulled out the last advert I saw for the OM series (as
>someone else suggested, 1996, December to be precise) which I tore from,
>wait for it, British Esquire magazine (look, I needed something to read on
>plane, OK?).
>It's a double page spread in the shape of the diary/scrap-book of Chris
>Steele-Perkins, (then?) president of Magnum, recounting some of his
>experiences in Afghanistan, with some reportage shots of kids with AKs etc.
>The problem as I see it is that it's barely recognizable as an Olympus, let
>alone OM, ad.  There's a small pic of an OM4Ti hanging around Chris' neck,
>and the phrase "Olympus OM4Ti" writ small in the bottom right-hand corner.

>Even other 'niche' market cameras have a bit about the product's features
>and some brand recognition points.  Granted, Oly were aiming for some
>cred, and while I like the ad, I'm not someone who needs to be convinced,
>and I thinks it's a bit misdirected.

These ads were published on the WWW by the (british) advertising company as
an example of their "creative" work for their customers.  Sorry, can't
remember the company name, though.

Ulf Westerberg

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