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Re: [OM] Oly and Pro Work

Subject: Re: [OM] Oly and Pro Work
From: "John Petrush" <jfp@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 20:18:28 -0400
Thank you Denton.  You successfully articulated what I could not quite wrest
the words for.  I must, however, state I respect the "jaded" opinion for
what is, from that perspective, certainly valid.  However sad a testimonial
it may be to the state of professional photography in general, and
photojournalism for the 'Times.  As I have mentioned in this forum before,
that reality is the sole reason I left photography as a livelyhood, love it
as I do.  Photography was not a means to feed my stomach and my soul at the
same time.  I found another way to earn a living.  My soul is too valuable.
Fortunately, others' milage does vary.

John P

Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx> elegantly waxed:

>I would like to try to bring the two sides together, because I think it's
>pretty simple :-)
>As you say, you and many pros are jaded. You get your pix on the front page
>of whatever, and your biggest complaint is you don't get enough money for
>it (that's a collective 'you'). It's a job, and like most people, you don't
>think you get paid enough for it.
>The amateur is already making a living in another field. He takes pictures
>for love, or art. Since he's making money already, he doesn't care if he
>makes a token amount for a photo, as long as he makes something. The main
>thing is his recognition as an artist. Publication of a photo on the front
>page of one of the world's leading newspapers, (even if it only was a car
>in a mudhole) provides that recognition. A great many amateurs would
>certainly be willing to part with a large sum of money for that
>recognition. One gets to call up the relatives, friends, and even old
>lovers, and say 'Yes, I am an Artist. It is now official. Look at the front
>page of today's New York Times. All that money you complained about me
>spending--it was worth it!'
>A few years ago, when I was looking for paying work, I landed a job
>shooting the bottom of a woman's foot for a podiatrist ad in the Yellow
>Pages (don't laugh). This was a real job; we had a foot model, a hand model
>to hold the foot, and a real Art Director. As bad is it was, I was tickled
>pink when the Yellow Pages was published, and I could tell everyone about
>my Real Job.
>Probably got paid more than the front page of the 'Times, also :-)

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