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Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.

Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: ONLYOLYBW@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:36:59 EDT
Charlie writes:
<< I often go out and shoot a few rolls of film. I can't wait to get them back
 from the lab.
 My heart races, I view them, I review them, I send them to the trash 99 and
 99/100ths0f the time.
 I Love Photography!
 Charlie Loeven>>

Hi Charlie and All,
This statement reminds me of an article written about "Mr. Kirk," founder of
Kirk Enterprises.  He waits several weeks or even months before he evaluates
his slides.  He said it helped him be more subjective of the photos, because
by then he has forgotten what the "scene or subject" looked like.  Therefore,
he judged his photo for what it is, not what it should look like from his
memory bank.  I have been trying this lately.  I still have not graded my 8
rolls I shot in Denali Park 6 weeks ago.  Of course, I do not have the will
power as Mr. Kirk.  So, I just ran through them quickly and discarded the
technically bad ones.  I look forward to the hours I will spend evaluating
these slides.  Asking myself "What does this photo say in three words or less?
Duh! Duh! Duh! ?

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