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Subject: [OM] Scotland
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 14:44:03 -0400
I am going to be one of 98 people touring Scotland in August.  Our main goal
is to sing.  Since I am one of 35+ singers, my time is more limited than the
others on this tour of Scotland for two weeks.

We shall be flying into Glasgow on the third of August and returning to
Baltimore on the 17th of August.

We stay at Fort William the first night and go to Iona the next day.  We are
scheduled to go to the Isle of Sky, Inverness, etc., for the next few days
and arrive in Edinburgh on Friday the 21st.  We shall be there as far as our
lodging is concerned for the remainder of our stay in Scotland.  The reason
is that we, the choir, will become the resident choir in the following week
at St. Mary's Cathedral, singing at every service.  During the daytime, we
are scheduled to do sightseeing excursions which are optional.

I am looking for useful inputs from the group regarding Scotland.  Any
tips applicable to photography in Scotland will be appreciated.
I plan to take both the OM-4T and the OM-2000.  The two lenses, a 85mm/2 and
a 35mm/2.8 shift, will be included, but the rest I have not decided.

Thanks in advance.

Tomoko Yamamoto
Photographer, Composer, Soprano
Home Page: http://www.charm.net/~tomokoy/
Olympus Classifieds: http://ep.com/ep/csp.html?csp=1130

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