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Subject: Re: [OM] Those summer interns...
From: ONLYOLYBW@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 13:45:30 EDT
In a message dated 7/11/98 9:35:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx
<< The salesman at my local camera store said to me yesterday, "People would
 for the brand name if they don't understand the features of a product."
 Wouldn't that apply to multiple buyers of Nikons and Canons except those who
 also own an Olympus?
 Tomoko Yamamoto >>

Hi Tomoko,
The salesman is absolutely correct.  Here in the US, every time I buy
something from our local camera stores, they put it in a Nikon bag.
Advertising is a huge power over the public.  Teaching "features" and
"benefits" of a product is a long and difficult process.  There are very few
people that will take the time to truly evaluate a product.  Therefore they
rely on Brand equity (what they have seen or heard).  It is a shame that
Olympus has done such a poor job in teaching the public.  In fact, they have
possibly let it go to far and the public now "thinks" that Olympus SLR's are
inferior to the Nikons and Canons.  I went to a PGA golf tournament last year
and was totally surprised to see it sponsored by Olympus.  All the Pros wore a
white vest with OLYMPUS on the back.  I walked over to one Pro (with Canon)
who had his vest turned inside out, so you could not read the Olympus.  I'm
sure we know why.  I ask him what happened to Olympus, and he replied they are
"has beens - not keeping up with the times"  I ask him if he uses the Auto-
Focus.  He said "No".  I walked over to a tall 30 foot scaffold with Olympus
all over it and walked inside.  I found only a few flyers on Digital
equipment.  No "Olympus" person in sight.  I walked away thinking what a
golden opportunity Olympus had to let some Pros test some of their equipment.
They could have very easily had a few 4&3Ti's and 350mm f 2.8's for the Pros
to demo.  But, they didn't.
Hey, even my wife ask me "Why don't you change to Nikon?"  After I rattled off
about 2 dozen features and benefits; she said, " So, doesn't Nikon have
WOW, what a deep hole OLY has dug!

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