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Re:[OM] Scotland

Subject: Re:[OM] Scotland
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 13:29:54 -0400
Chris Barker wrote:
>Apart from the insect repellent that you will need (horse flies and midges
>be a problem in August) you will need to take lenses for landscape.  Iona
>beautiful I hear.  The Isle of Skye is also worth photographing, sunrise
>sunset the most rewarding times.  The mountains in Scotland are the highest
>the British Isles (although not as high as the Rockies of course).
>Have a wonderful tour.  I hope that you are going to sing in Roman Catholic
>cathedrals and churches - to spread the wealth around ;-)

Thanks, Chris, particularly for the insect repellent reminder.

As far as singing is concerned, Edinburgh's St. Mary's Cathedral where we
will be singing is Anglican (belongs to the Episcopal Church of Scotland.)
The Abbey at Iona where we are also scheduled to sing must be Roman
Catholic.  We shall
sing in Sunday services at Merrylea Church in Glasgow which is a parish in
the Church of Scotland, that is Presbyterian.  We are to sing in Inverness,
but I don't know the details.  The tour choir is based on the Chancel Choir
at the Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore with additional members from
other churches in Baltimore and elsewhere.

In 1992 we sang at the Dom in Salzburg, two Catholic churches (one in Munich
and the other in Stupava, Slovakia), and the Thomaskirche in Leipzig.  We
are not partial to the particular denomination as far as singing is
concerned when touring or even in town.  We sang wherever we were welcome.

Chris, let me know by private e-mail what you meant by "to spread the wealth
around ;-)."  Let me add one word concerning churches or religious groups.
It is my observation that each country or each region within one country
influences a particular church socially and politically in a different
manner.  Therefore it is dangerous to assume that a particular church in a
particular denomination in another country has a similar status or even
similar belief structure to a church in the historically same or related
denomination in one's country that one is familiar with.

OM Content: I managed to take a photo of the interior of the Dom at Salzburg
with either an M-1 or an OM-4T hand-holding from the gallery where we were
for singing. No flashes, of course because it was during a mass.  It became
the favorite photo among the choir members ... I sold a fair number.  It was
sharp enough to identify individuals who went with us (family members,
etc..) from their backs.    The shutter speed was quite low, so I was so
afraid of the outcome.

I took a group photo in front of Gloucester Cathedral where we were the
resident choir in 1994 with my OM-4T and my 35-70mm/3.5-4.5 on a tripod
(Cullmann's Magic 2), I discovered that it was possible to clearly read the
name of the cathedral behind the group when the print was enlarged to a
11x14 size.

I would appreciate any additional inputs from anyone on Scotland and

Tomoko Yamamoto
Photographer, Composer, Soprano
Home Page: http://www.charm.net/~tomokoy/
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