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Subject: Re: [OM] How does it look?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2024 21:18:26 -0800
On 1/26/2024 8:22 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
At 1/25/2024 10:23 PM, mOOse wrote:
This year's amaryllis has put up three flower stalks!

The first one was kinda short and has now collapsed. I took the opportunity to do some 
play with lenses for overall rendering and 

All three are hand stacks. Lots of spots from the dirty window on the natural 
bokeh samples. I didn't worry about that, as blurring was anticipated.

Tastes will vary as to which is "best".

A different test n process . . .

Mixed Results Moose
There seems to be a halo effect around two of the top ones.
Is that from the stacking?

No; from imperfect masking. As this is one a a series of tests, not a finished 
image, I left them.

What is different between TTArtisan 100/2.8 and the original below?
Same for Nikon NewSoft filter?

The bottom row is as they came out of the camera. The top row is with messed 
with background/bokeh.

I'm working on two, maybe three things. I am a gadget guy. I like things that do stuff. Especially, I may like lenses a bit overmuch. A new, or new to me, lens is fun. I can handle it, adjust it, put it on a camera, peer at things, take pictures . . . so I have a lot of them.

But I also have a problem and a desire.

1 -------------------
The problem is travel. We usually, pandemics allowing, are gone for 7-9 weeks in the fall involving travel across the country and/or an ocean. The vast majority of my Alt lenses, esp. my favs, are for FF. The vintage ones and some contemporary ones are classic brass and glass — big — heavy.

I can't/won't carry an additional body and a big, heavy bag o' lenses on these trips. Not a big problem in new places and on the move. capturing all the new stuff in straightforward ways is fine.

OTOH, we revisit many places in the NE. And this year, we caught COVID and spent 10 days in self quarantine in Maine. Some alternative imaging options would have been fun.

This test was about that. I'm looking for ways to get images on µ4/3 at least close to what I can make on FF, preferably with small, light additional gear. So the comparison for me is of the Sony Soft filters on my ordinary lens vs. the TTArtisans lens.

2 -------------------
My desire is to make, on FF or smaller gear, photos that are like many old LF photos. The particular example I always have in mind is Karsh's famous portrait of Winston Churchill. I had plenty of uncrowded time with a full size print at Boston's MFA. At normal viewing distance, it had what I might call a gentle overall look. Close-up, there was a lot of fine detail, but without sharp edges. I remember particularly the folds of skin on his knuckles.

I've thought for a long time that the "look" of these old, LF lenses is, at least in part, a function of absolute aperture size and absolute distance to film. Diffraction effects don't depend on relative measures such as f-stop. Thus, perhaps, the combination of edge softness with detail and great DoF?

Clearly, with conventional lenses on small formats, smaller apertures for greater DoF and softness are antithetical. I have LOTS of lenses, both vintage and contemporary ones designed for various form of softness, dreaminess, swirly or bubbling bokeh. The one thing they all have in common is that all their "special" qualities diminish, vanish at small apertures.

In the early '80s, some lenses with adjustable softness came out. I have the Canon 85/2.8 Soft Focus and Minolta 85/2.8 Varisoft. Both work the same way, optically, by increasing spherical aberrations, though using mechanically different operation. With both, as aperture gets smaller, one may up the softness setting, part way, anyway.

In my travels I encountered the Nikon Soft filters, and along the way found out that Nikon's designer abandoned the lens approach after developing a prototype using, guess what, adjustable spherical aberrations, for softness. His reasoning was apparently the same as mine. So he developed filters that attempt to emulate lens softness, but aren't affected by the aperture of the lens behind them. <https://archive.fo/ICZOA>

Some time ago, I tried them out a bit, but something, likely my love of gadgets, led me to continue trying lenses. After all, there's nothing to fiddle with, adjust, hardly anything to fondle to a filter. 😂

Anyway, I seem to be trying again, looking for a lens with interesting rendering at wide apertures and a cross-over to interesting rendering a small apertures combined with deep DoF, with a filter. And, of course, I would be pleased to manage it all with a µ4/3 compatible lens, with EXIF(?), so I don't need yet another body when traveling.

Impossible? Well, I may find out.

That still leaves the problem of bokeh at small apertures. I'm afraid that may 
only be modified in post.

I guess I'm not quite clear on what you did?
I vote for TTArtisan Origiinal bokeh.

Yes, that's very nice. OTOH, the middle top one, regular zoom with filter, is rather appealing to me too. The color/contrast can be modified to be more like the TTArtisan, if desired. And I can do it with nothing more than a filter!

Swamp Slogging Moose

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