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Re: [OM] Opinion on the OM-1 Mk11??

Subject: Re: [OM] Opinion on the OM-1 Mk11??
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2024 16:37:48 -0800
On 1/31/2024 3:48 PM, usher99--- via olympus wrote:
Not listed below or the video review is 14 bit raw for high-res shots.

I took a high res image the other day; I had pushed the wrong button. 🙂 HR was part of the reason I returned to Oly from Canon in 2012. But it has turned out to be only for a few, specialized uses for me. 14 bit buys me nothing.

The buffer clears very quickly.

Does this not depend largely on the write speed of the card? (Which is NOT the 
speed on the label!)

The grad ND feature is very cool.  I am not sure the changes justify a whole 
new cam.

I may have a bi-color filter, but no grad NDs that I recall. Nor have I ever used one, so this may be no selling point. I'll have to admit, though, that, once they added ND filter settings, I've found them useful.

   Some changes needed more memory, but many may be a firmware update away that probably 
won't happen now.  Nothing came out and bit me so that I had to immediately 
upgrade. OM-1 Mark II, worth the upgrade? - RED35 Preview (youtube.com)

The new OM System OM1 Mk II feels quite similar. The biggest new changes are:
- Moving the menu button to the right side

This is closest to a selling point. I do SO dislike Sony and the OM-1's menu 
button locations!

    - Rubberized dials
Huh? This is good - or bad?
    - A new graduated ND filter that’s simulated in the computational 
photography settings: which is probably the most innovative thing here since graduated 
NDs have big problems with mirrorless cameras and their ease of use.
    - Better locking on abilities

Not sure what this means.  Can it now do a better job of knowing I want focus on the bird/whatever in the distance, not the thingie closer to me? Oh, maybe they mean tracking of moving things. So far, I've only done that with birds, and the Bird AF works well.

    - Human AF detection
Uh, not a problem needing solution for me.
    - Improved autofocus

In what way? Probably doesn't apply to me. I use spot AF almost all the time.

    - 8.5 stops of image stabilization

Already to the point where subject movement is a larger problem.

    - Better blackout free sequential shooting

I don't recall this as a problem. Maybe only with the super fast, no AF modes? 
Which I haven't as yet used.

A tough sell, Mike

Me Too Moose

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