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Re: [OM] It might be camera replacement time

Subject: Re: [OM] It might be camera replacement time
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023 21:25:00 -0800
On 12/28/2023 11:03 AM, Mike Lazzari via olympus wrote:
      The E-M5 is not suitable for his 14-54 and 40-150 4/3 lenses via
      adapters. They are verrry slow to focus on the older, CDAF only
F Y I Moose

    Agree. But why not just go µ4:3 and ditch/sell those old lenses. He can
    get into a superior system for waaay less than $1k.

Personal taste. The top 4/3 lenses are optically first rate. I have a local photo friend who is highly satisfied with his old 4/3 lenses on an E-M1 II.  I'm using µ4/3 Oly lenses, mostly recent models, on OM-1 bodies. We're both happy with our gear.

    FWIW I have an E510 and E620 FS but frankly unless you are on a super
    tight budget and it suits your need I wouldn't bother. I have used
    those 4:3's lenses and others on the EM5 and sure they are slow, (not
    verrry slow),  but they work well enough and  give great results.

Gotta disagree, on two grounds:

Experience: I got a wild hair in 2017 and bought E-1, E-300 and E-400, with a first gen 14-54. I was curious about all the talk about the superiority of the CCD sensors. Taking test shots on a tripod, I shot all three oldies and my then E-M5 II, same lens, camera and lens settings and subject. I found focus speed on the E-M5 II too slow for ordinary use. It wasn't too bad on the old, PDAF bodies, but slow by 2017-18 contemporary standards. (It was actually poor AF performance that led me to Canon for my first DSLR, rather than an E-1.)

Specific user need: Look at the samples Steve posted - he needs fast focus.

Speedy G. Moose

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