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Re: [OM] CSI level image processor

Subject: Re: [OM] CSI level image processor
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2023 14:59:13 -0700
At 1/31/2023 07:51 AM, C.H.Ling wrote:
>I have been using Topaz Sharpen AI for some time, processed over two thousands 
>images, mostly in Motion Blur mode. Topaz is okay but just can't compare with 
>Codeformer for face recovery.

Thanks for showing this tool. I will have to try it out also...

This was using the new Topaz Photo AI (latest version 1.1.9) not Topaz Sharpen. 
I noticed that the texture in the shirt (3rd from right), for instance, is 
better with Codeformer. Hence, Codeformer seems to do better, with not just 
faces, than Photo AI. I went back and tried adjusting things in Photo AI to no 
avail. I could never get the shirt right.

I tried all the Topaz tools on my cat image and Photo AI had artifacts in the 
I later reduced the resolution and got some better results, but overall I am 

I have notice with Topaz AI tools that the image resolution can make a 
difference. For larger images, such as A7Riii or A7Riv, the results have a lot 
of artifacts but if the image size is reduced, the artifacts become less. I was 
wondering if the AI model training does not include such high res images. And 
if the image is already fairly sharp, Denoize Clear seems to do better and is 
much faster.

I'm curious if Codeformer has a similar issue with resolution?


>On 31/1/2023 22:22, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
>>At 1/30/2023 04:24 PM, CHLing wrote:
>>>The more I play with it the more I love it, it became an addiction. I just 
>>>can't stop digging out the old film shots and process them. It is so good to 
>>>see the old film images looks like they were shooting yesterday.
>>>Original 1977 shot with Fuji 38mm F2.8 compact camera:
>>>Processed with Codeformer:
>>for comparison, here is Topaz Photo AI with default settings:
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