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Re: [OM] Wishes and M42 adapter for FTL Zuiko's

Subject: Re: [OM] Wishes and M42 adapter for FTL Zuiko's
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 02:19:02 -0800
On 1/20/2023 1:20 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
OTOH, the Fotasy model on its way here is less than 1/3 the price.
Coming more slowly is a T-mount to M42 adapter. Should be  simple thing to 
make, as T-mount register distance is about 10 mm longer than M42, but thin on the 
ground, it seems.

Should allow me to use my T-mount lenses with focusing helicoid.
The Fotasy also looks like a workable adapter.

Certainly built well enough for my needs. Good fit to camera body and seems solidly built. Takes just over one full turn of focus ring for about 14 mm of extension. No shake, rattle or roll.

I'm curious what T mount lenses you have? I don't hear much about them.

A number of second/third tier makers used T-Mount before auto aperture. I'm interested because inexpensive price points, early glass and pre or very early computer design makes "badness" likely. 😁

There's a lot of focus among bokeh mad folks on 35-100 mm lenses, and esp. 50 mm. Based on a few tries, I think longer lenses have a lot of potential. A casual test I just made with the Alpex 200/3.5 at its new close focus with the helicoid adapter looks pretty interesting. 14 mm isn't much extension for that FL, so I'm going to try adding a tube, too.

These are the lenses that will work with this adapter, with and without the 
still in transit T to M42 adapter on top of it.

Make          Model       FL/AP     inches Mount
Tamron                     28/2.8      8    M42
Alpex                     200/3.5    138    M42
Industar      50-2         50/3.5     26    M42
Carl Zeiss Jena            50/2.8     21    M42

Super Lentar               35/2.8     24    T
Spiratone      YS          85/1.8     72    T
SIMA       Soft Focus     100/2        ?    T
Spiratone   Portragon     100/4       35    T
Sankor                    135/2.8     67    T
Meade                    1000/11 T

Are they m42x0.75?

Of course, by definition. I have several non-focusing T-mount adapters. All the lenses fit them.I think I've seen the "T" said to be for Tamron, but it's really for Telescope. The Meade mirror telescope was my first T-Mount.

As Tamron went to their Adaptalls, Vivitar and Soligor went to T4, a comparable 
system that didn't take off.

I have a Vivitar 135/2.8 T4 lens. It was free, as both the lens seller and the T4 adapter seller misunderstood what they had, and thus mis- described them. When the mistakes were pointed out, neither wanted the gear back, and just refunded my money. A Nikon F to Sony E mount adapter I had at hand completed making it usable.

Extends How Far Moose

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