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Re: [OM] Wishes and M42 adapter for FTL Zuiko's

Subject: Re: [OM] Wishes and M42 adapter for FTL Zuiko's
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 08:07:05 -0700
At 1/13/2023 03:04 PM, Frank wrote:
>Op vr 13 jan. 2023 om 15:42 schreef Wayne Shumaker
>> As for the FTL OM M42 lens, most all my m42 lenses have the Auto pin and
>> it has never been a problem with the adapters.
>Olympus (of course) used their own system for the FTL, with a fixed pin in
>a different location:
>Since it is fixed on the diaphragm ring, using a m42 adapter with a thicker
>ring (surface) doesn't work: the lens can't screw in completely and the
>diaphragm ring is stuck.
>> I'm curious if the G. Zuiko FTL lens is the same as the OM mount early G.
>> Zuiko lens.
>I will test that later, with the 50/1.8, 135/3.5 and 200/4

Fujica lenses did something similar, adding a tab on the aperture ring to 
transfer aperture setting to the camera. This also can be a problem with m42 
adapters. Although testing it with my FotodioX it seems to work OK, although 
I'm not 100% sure. If the tab was binding the aperture ring would not be able 
to move, but mine does.

This shows the Fujica lens tab
Not sure this would apply to the FTL.


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