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Re: [OM] soft addiction

Subject: Re: [OM] soft addiction
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2022 09:26:51 -0700
At 12/17/2022 04:07 PM, Moose wrote:

>On 12/16/2022 8:05 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
>>Thanks for posting the work. I'm still digesting what you posted. Still 
>There's a surprising amount to notice and contemplate in these samples. I'm 
>glad I did it, for myself, as it has broadened my own understanding.
>>My flower is outside and had snow on it, but re/un-covering. I will need to 
>>try using a tripod to get comparison shots.
>I didn't use a tripod, in part as it started as a couple of casual samples. 
>also because of the varied nominal and effective focal lengths. And then, I 
>kept thinking I was done . . .
>I did use a tripod for a series with the Minolta and Canon Soft focus lenses; 
>both 85/2.8, so matched mag, and with the need to make comparable photos at a 
>series of softness settings. I haven't included them in this comparison, as 
>they really don't fit. This is about central focus with softening away from 
>center. These two soft lenses are about overall softening. They would be 
>better compared to the LB and SIMA soft focus lenses and LB Velvet lenses.
>>Not sure what exactly I am looking for in the lens. Many of the lenses are a 
>>bit soft at 1.2, some sharper than others. It is the character of the OOF 
>>that interests me.
>My primary interest, as well. Perhaps the relation ship 'tween center and 
>edges, as well
>>The LB Double Glass starts to get that character,
>Where center becomes sharper than the single element lenses.
>>as does the Sweet.
>The three contemporary Sweets, 35, 50 and 80 mm, are similar in some ways, but 
>the bokeh is different.  The 35 is much busier, edgier than the others. My 
>guess is that, with different subject and background distances, they would be 
>somewhat different.

Not a guess. Distance is quite relevant. What I am finding is that the near POF 
blur character is particularly important. The Canon 50mm F1.2 @ 1.2 for 
instance. The newer Voigtlander Nokton classic 35/1.4 @ 1.4 has it, as do 
others. This becomes more apparent in CU shots.

>>Not sure how your Canon exactly compares, but would be nice to see.
>It's there, was last entry on the first line, now first on second line.
>>My Canon is the 50mm LTM version. My target is a pot of dead flowers that are 
>>rounded in shape, so flowers curve out of POF. The LB I assume just get 
>>softer away from center?
>Yes they do. I assume it's at least in part curvature of field. I'd have to 
>try a flat target to see how much.
>>Some Toby Marshall images with the Canon 50mm 1.2 LTM 
>Quite interesting, and obviously different than my 58/1.2. Both are 7 elements 
>in 5 groups, but very optically different in OoF.
>>I have been getting lens adapters with helicoid to do C-U with them. Kipon 
>>makes the best ones, but expensive. Fotodiox makes Stretch ones, but they are 
>>not as nice and a bit heavy.
>Nice idea. But then, I have LOTS of adapters already. Most lenses have their 
>own adapters. For this kind of slow work, extension tubes work fine.

I'm lazy though. And if I want to hike with it, the helicoid reduces the 
fiddling, but the cost is 2-3X more.

>>Warning, some OM Zuiko content:
>>Here is OM Zuiko 50mm F1.4 (SN > 1,100,000) on a Kipon OM to E.
>>Although not bokeh, the same lens at F8
>>and some more with that lens at the end
>Classic Double Gauss behavior with close subject and distant background, busy 
>and edgy bokeh. My most egregious example - donuts!,  was with an OMZ 50/1.8. 
>I added a shot with OMZ 50/1.4 (SN > 1,100,000) to this series, next to the 
>Canon 58/1.2, at the start of the second line. 

Now I'll have to check out more of my OM Zs. Thanks to John I have back my 85mm 
2 in terrific condition.

>>Not sure if the G. Zuiko 50mm 1.4 would be different character?
>As I recall, the Silver Schnozzed one said that early examples were very sharp 
>in the center, and softer away. My lens inventory claims I have three of the 
>"Gs", including one very early. I've since looked for that one, with no 
>success. I may look for the net earliest one day, but not this weekend.

I can totally sympathize. Especially after having moved and acquired more stuff.

>Mixed Up Bokeh Moose

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