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Re: [OM] soft addiction

Subject: Re: [OM] soft addiction
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 15:01:10 -0800
On 12/12/2022 5:27 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
Cosina 55mm F1.2 in PK mount
Toby Marshall has more on this particular lens:

I like it! Interesting bokeh, although perhaps not unique - see below.

As he notes: this is different from the m42 mount and not the same as the Porst 
55mm 1.2, which I also have.

added to my album

We had snow today so not sure I can continue to use the dead flowers for lens 

Why not, if they are dried and indoors? 

Well, I may need to rearrange them. There's no relatively 2D central section as in the central flower in yours above. With such fast lenses, so C-U, DoF is razor thin, so the center doesn't always look sharp, even when at 100%, the plane of focus may be sharp.

In any case, rather casual examples, hand held, across a couple of days. And on one, the mag is not enough, 'cause I was lazy, and didn't use a tube.

Still, much of potential interest to the soft and close addicted. 😁

This was the start of LensBaby, what they now call "sweet spot", good/decent central sharpness, fading into increasing softness away from the center. I think #2 is about the same as their first lens. This rendering has always been a central part of their line.

The first three are from what I think of as LB 2.0, when they developed their "Optic Swap System", with various lenses that fit into bodies that fit on the cameras. The bodies come in both fixed and tiltable models, to put the sweet spot somewhere other than the center.

Anyone who wonders why so many Sweet options, need only look to see they are 
quite different.

These originals used a clever, magnetic Waterhouse stop system; clever, but still slow in use and a bit awkward to keep track of. The next three are from the current optics, LB 3.0, very slightly slower, to accommodate conventional diaphragm apertures. One or two of the current, non-Sweet, models have both conventional aperture and waterhouse magnetic stops, for creative bokeh shapes.

The next two samples are recent, stand alone lenses. The Trio 28/3.5 is three lenses in one body, one of which is a Sweet. The Sol is their second model and first glass lens specifically for smaller sensors, available in µ4/3 mount only. It's a sweet spot design, with modest tilt built-in.

Next is my vintage stand-by lens, the Canon 58/1.2. I see a lot of similarity to your Cosina. It might be interesting to compare them on a couple of the same subjects, focal distances, etc.

The last two are just less close shots with the LB Sweet 50/2.5, for perspective. 

Obsessively Soft and Sweet Moose

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