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Re: [OM] Holiday Cactus - Jim Nichols Edition

Subject: Re: [OM] Holiday Cactus - Jim Nichols Edition
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 02:01:33 -0700
On 6/14/2022 7:33 PM, DZDub wrote:
On Tue, Jun 14, 2022 at 1:00 PM Piers Hemy <piers@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Amen to that - and to your earlier message adding Walt to the alumni
list, Joel.

.... and Chuck, who I had the great fortune to meet over this side of the

.... and others good enough to admit to the particular character
traits which bind us together, if only loosely, and intermittently.


PS Good to see you back (again)!

Thanks Piers!  I'm never far from the list, but I haven't had much time
with the cameras lately, and my stuff is all old, except for the EM-1iii
that showed up a couple weeks ago.  A year ago I was heavily involved in
eldercare.  Mom passed away last October and I was involved in getting her
condo cleared out, etc.

Wow, it's been going on 15 years since my mom died. It was all pretty sweet and loving. She was seriously ready to go. I'll bet cleaning out the old family house was more than a condo, but there were several of us to do it.

We need a better term than alumni for our dearly departed.  "Pantheon"
comes to mind for those who have joined Maitani.  "Olympians."  What do you
think?  I think you have a classical education, no?

"Olympians Emeriti?" A little joke there on them still being with us, in spirit.

I was poking around in the archives and discovered some idle question I'd
asked Chuck that got him going.  I met him in the flesh one rainy night in
Grinnell, Iowa, with AG presiding over pizza.  He didn't say too much, but
he laughed a lot.  His 5Dmkii was the first I had seen outside the trade
magazines.  I think he met up with others on that trip.  Moose, perhaps?

Indeed. It was a whirlwind tour, so he and Pat were with us for one night. Pat was the close mouthed one. Not in any negative way, I think, just not a chatty sort. Chuck talked quite a bit. But the weather was nice, and we had much more time together. Chuck was most impressed, negatively, by the narrow, windy streets on our hills. 😁

I wished then that we'd had another day, and later really wished it. 🙁

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