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[OM] Down a Rabbit Hole — Soft Landing

Subject: [OM] Down a Rabbit Hole — Soft Landing
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:01:16 -0700
I'm guessing there may be one or two here who might be interested in some of my 
adventures on the Fuzzy Side.

I've acquired a LensBaby Obscura non-lens image creation device. It's listed as 16 mm, which I took to mean it has the AoV of a 16 mm lens. That proves to be true. I don't know how to measure, but visually, it also appears that the imaging thingies are about 16 mm from the sensor.

I've had a few pinholes over the years, latest before the Obscura the original LenBaby Pinhole/Zone Plate optic for their Optic Swap system, speced @ 50 mm. This allowed me to test something I've thought to be true. Using extension tubes, I took pix @ 16, 26, 32 and 42 mm with the Obscura and 50 mm with the Swap Optic. As far as I can see, the effect with the Obscura is just as though I took a 16 mm shot  and cropped it to the various AoVs.

What have I learned from this madness? My old Zone Plate is still my favorite soft look, although the Obscura Sieve is pretty close. I'd like to try the old ZP closer to the sensor, but can't see any non-violent way to do that.

At 16 mm, there's quite an interesting difference 'tween S and ZP, central vs. 
outer focus/clarity on FF.

Still exploring the land of intentional softness . . .

Fuzzy Moose

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