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Re: [OM] MFT and video

Subject: Re: [OM] MFT and video
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 11:39:30 -0800
> MFT can do video better than FF.

As I'm up to my eyeballs in video right now, I'm going to echo this
sentiment. FF offers a couple of distinct advantages, but those
advantages are "for effect" than they are legitimate everyday usages.
And just like any effect, it can and does get overused.

The smallerish formats are good. As a reminder, 16mm was used for a
zillion years and then 2/3" videocams took over the
industrial/news/general marketplace. The 4/3" sensor when cropped for
typical 4K video is yielding a dimension that is still slightly larger
than Super-16.

I like the Sony for some video work, but honestly, the most
comfortable video that doesn't fatigue the viewer is done on
crop-sensor cameras. And that's really the point. I watch a lot of
youtube content, and I really don't enjoy watching content produced
with FF cameras too much because it wears me out.

Besides, there are distinct logistical advantages to smaller formats.

AG Schnozz
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