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Re: [OM] Is OMZ 50 1.4 (high sn) sharper stopped down than 50 1.2? --Cau

Subject: Re: [OM] Is OMZ 50 1.4 (high sn) sharper stopped down than 50 1.2? --Caution, on topic.
From: "C.H.Ling" <ch_photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 10:00:25 +0800
I tried DeNoise AI two years ago, wasn't very happy with the result since it removed some fine details together with the noise (with digital image), don't know if the updated version will do better.

For film images I used to use Neat Image to remove the grain. On the other hand RawTherapee also do a fine job in noise removal.

I agree with you Sharpen AI does not work very well with film images. But it do ok sometimes:



It works perfectly for a slightly blurred digital image:



It does not perfectly stabilize this phone camera image but do a fine job in noise removal.



What I hope is the later Sharpen AI update can make GPU processing as good as CPU in image quality as it runs five times faster with my GTX 1060.


On 21/05/16 6:58, DZDub wrote:

Let me say hello as well.  I have missed your posts, and not just the
lovely HK ladies you used to dazzle us with (though I do miss them too).

I have found Motion Blur not to work well, but I've used it lately on many
old film scans, so I'm not sure that counts.  When the AI picks Motion Blur
on a film scan, it makes it actually much worse.  I usually switch it to
the Too Soft setting.  Once in a while Focus works OK.

As Moose frequently reports, DeNoise is very helpful.  It should really be
renamed DeTails (although it does remove digital noise and excessive
graininess).  Sharpen AI often adds very little to an image that has passed
through DeNoise's magic.  That's my experience so far.  Anyway, I agree
with your last statement.

Joel W.

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