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Re: [OM] Transient cam malady, next steps?

Subject: Re: [OM] Transient cam malady, next steps?
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 17:34:08 -0700
At 9/21/2020 04:28 PM, Mike wrote:
><<<I suspect that you have been the victim of mistaken literalism. My 
>understanding of Mike's use of "smell" was not literal, but metaphoric.
>Yes, metaphoric.  Sorry to mislead ---and appreciate the responses.  the cam 
>was not powered on for more than a few minutes except for a firmware update 
>which did nothing for the problem.  The grayed out 15% did flicker on and was 
>for a few power cycles, then just stayed grayed out.    If it is only a loose 
>cable, I am not inclined to get the extended  warranty.  They may not even 
>say.  Panny was very cryptic despite multiple inquiries as to the exact issue 
>with the GM-5,
>Just gave me the price to replace sensor, take it or leave it.   I wonder if a 
>serious early defect despite light use implies a general manufacturing issue 
>with this particular cam? 
>Not only that but your sensor is probably not truly parallel to the lens 
>mount---if one is a pixel peeper as required for large astro prints:
>The lens decentering issue is waay more obvious than the sensor issue. Better 
>QA is clearly required with these huge megapickel cams. 

Let me understand.

The display is 15% greyed out, but the images taken are fine?
If you run the camera for a while, can you tell if the battery drains more 
quickly than what should be normal?

Working in the electronics business, the smell of over heating components is 
well developed.


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