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Re: [OM] Transient cam malady, next steps?

Subject: Re: [OM] Transient cam malady, next steps?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 14:53:58 -0700
On 9/21/2020 2:34 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
At 9/20/2020 10:33 PM, Moose wrote:

Were I worked once, we used to silk screen, place parts and bake boards. 
Sometimes parts would not get the right amount of solder paste and be 
intermittent. Such boards were usually removed during testing.

In Mike's case, something has gotten hot, or getting hot, and likely failing.
Presenting symptoms suggest the reverse, bad cold, good after warmed up.
I was going on the two comments Mike made:

"In lieu of factory reset in case of firmware corruption (did not seem likely as 
smelled like hardware)"

and the comment:

"As a non-engineer my hardware olfactory sense is limited to two odors---bad or 
potentially self remediable.  I just get a bad smell."

The fact it flickered on once does not change the diagnosis of likely component 
getting hot and the electronic smell.

I suspect that you have been the victim of mistaken literalism. My understanding of Mike's use of "smell" was not literal, but metaphoric.

I re-read the messages and did not see that it got better after warming up, 
only after changing a lens - did I miss something?

Moose wrote: "If I have the narrative right, it happens when camera is cold, then clears as it's been on a while? You mention it got better after lens mounted, but might it have been a matter of time powered on, nothing to do with lens?"

Expanding further, association in time does not necessarily mean causation. If a change in behavior is simply related to time on, and likely internal temp, the fact that it occurs at the time I turn on the lights in the room does not lead me to assume causation. But if I mount a lens at that time, it's easy to make such an assumption.

Turning something on and off, pulling out the battery, and so on, will not tend to reveal time related behavior. Not saying that it IS that, only that the narrative is suggestive.

It could flicker on if powered off and had time to cool or if flexed. Highly 
unlikely a cold solder joint and more likely a short. With todays components, 
especially parts with ball grid arrays, solder paste drifting and shorting is 
much more common, and that type of short could be intermittent. The worst 
components are the ones with a large solder pad on the bottom, as that large 
pad holds more solder paste that can potentially squish out and short during 
production - in my experience.

My experience is long before the tech you know. So ignore my speculations about Possible cause, while retaining my speculation about time in operation.

If there was not the smell,

Mike may confirm, but for discussion, assume no literal olfactory stimulation.

I would opt for loose ribbon cable connection.

As would I, having encountered such things myself.

I dropped my Garmin bike GPS once and the display would sometimes come on and 
sometimes not. But the smell and both LCD and EVF suggests short.

Bottomline, though, is the camera is defective and has to be serviced or 
Take a snapshot of the defective display if they question you about service.

Yup, and Yup

Associative Assumptions Moose

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