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Subject: Re: [OM] Reaching the Top
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 13:57:46 -0800
> You were about to turn my off of Alaska saying the peaks are already getting 
> snowed over. Last year ankle surgery kept me down, but now I'm ready to hit 
> some peaks.

There was just a tiny break in the clouds a second ago and I was able
to see the top near top of Harp Mountain. There is a little evidence
of snow, but that's probably just some sticking to the tundra. The
other peak in my view isn't showing anything yet, but the ground
composition is different. The way the winds swirl around these
mountains, you can have three mountains in a row with completely
different conditions.

> A facebook friend has been hiking Washington state. Last few photos were in 
> the Glacier Peak area. I hate to say, but some of his phone photos rival what 
> you have been posting. My next move from AZ might be up toward Washington 
> state or Oregon. As one person put it, the desert is not for everyone.

Well, I've been shooting a lot with the Panasonic DMC-GX85. It's not
nearly as good as the iPhone. The iPhone can even make Iowa look
attractive. And I'm actually a marginal photographer that makes up for
my weaknesses through brute force.

We've talked about Washington/Oregon for post-Alaska life. We love
Colorado, but the PacNW is definitely less dry and more skin friendly.
But, sheeze, until Seattle and Portland get their civic unrest
addressed, we'd have to be loonie-toon to want to move there right

Speaking of... Since we're under C19 restrictions at work, most of us
work from home in some form or another. The entire project management
team is locked out of all facilities. :)  Anyway, we're on a call this
morning and we hear bird sounds that didn't quite sound right. Our PM
was at her second home in Hawaii.


AK Schnozz
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