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Subject: Re: [OM] 12-200
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 14:47:29 -0700
On 6/21/2019 5:54 AM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
Always enjoy reading moowisdom.

Bovine wisdom for the mind?

The Sony A7's IBIS will work in combination with lens stabilization. There are 
a lot of good reasons to have lens stabilization at longer focal length. 
Interesting article:


This is a better link for understanding how Sony's IBIS works with various lenses. <https://briansmith.com/sony-a7ii-hands-on-review/>

Oly does it, too, what they call "Sync-IS". They even have a lovely video showing how the sync works. <https://www.getolympus.com/us/en/lenses/pen-omd/fixed-focal-lengths/m-zuiko-ed-300mm-f4-0-is-pro.html> Note the difference for pitch and yaw from Sony. Sony relies only on the lens, for OSS lenses. Oly combines the P-Y of both IS systems.

BUT, Oly has until recently only made lenses without IS, and Sync-IS only works with a couple of lenses so far, 300/4 IS Pro and 12-100/4 IS Pro, with the 150-400mm F4.5 TC 1.25x IS Pro to come, some day.

Panny relied heavily on OIS for years, before adding IBIS to some bodies. Their cooperative IS, "Dual-IS" works with their recent IBIS bodies and with virtually all their OIS lenses. Unlike Oly and others, Panny is very close mouthed about their tech. No diagrams or videos explaining how Dual-IS synchs the two IS systems. There is at least an icon that shows when it is activated.  OTOH, it does work. :-)

I really like the "fleabane flower going to seed".


Panny Dual IS and Focus Bracketing. The focus bracketing is what really 'makes' 
C-Ups of such small, deeply 3D subjects.

Well Stacked Moose

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