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Re: [OM] Image Processing - AAARGH!!

Subject: Re: [OM] Image Processing - AAARGH!!
From: Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2019 11:56:46 -0700
> From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
> My nephew worked for Adobe a number of years back and it was clear then the 
> company was a lumbering giant.

I always said that "Adobe wants to be Microsoft when it grows up." You Will Be 

There comes a point when any company begins spending more resource on 
protecting its market share and less resource on innovation. I left Adobe 
behind for Apple Aperture, and was pretty happy, until Apple stupidly puked it 
up, instead of selling it off to someone who would have taken care of it.

> Photoshop + Lightroom classic

Still dealing with the behemoth. Just cut the cord. Pulling the bandage off 
quickly hurts less in the long run than slowly tugging at it.

> ON1 Photo RAW

This is currently my daily driver. It does 90% of what I need it to do. The DAM 
is not bad, although I'm still mourning the loss of Aperture. There are lots of 
downloadable presets, and lots of video tutorials. On the down-side, some 
releases have been crashy, and there are still things that are 
counter-intuitive. But "round trips" to other editors works well. No face 
recognition in the DAM.

What I really like is that they use standard sidecar files in a standard file 
system organization, and so you are not "locked in." Funny, I feel locked in 
because they don't lock me in! I'm content to use it as long as I know I won't 
go through the pain and suffering I went through when Apple puked Aperture all 
over the salad bar, should I decide to switch.

> Topaz Labs - various tools

Annoying mixed bag of components. I like several of them, but don't like having 
to pay for each. The entire package has been on sale recently, and I almost 
bit, but just couldn't justify it for the two or three that I'd really use. No 
DAM, so no daily driver for me.

> Affinity Photo

I use this now and then when ON1 can't do something I need, which is 
increasingly rare. I don't believe it has a useful DAM, so I can't make it my 
"daily driver."

You don't mention Luminar, which I'd put together with Affinity, in terms of 
plusses and minuses. No useful DAM is a killer for my daily driver.

> Affinity Photo looks decent and on sale for $39.99. This has advanced 
> stitching, refinement tools, and what PS calls 'content aware fill' with the 
> name 'inpainting'.

Like I said, it has some nice features, but lacking enough that I haven't made 
it my daily driver.

It's UI is crude and geeky, but for all things that involve combining photos, I 
really am growing to like Hugin. It's open-source and free, and it has an 
active developer community. It does HDR, focus stacking, pan stitching, and 
probably many other things. I use it a lot for making panoramas, then making 
planetoids out of those panoramas.

> PS is still my main goto until I learn these other tools.

Adobe is addictive. Warnock & Co. want you to believe There Is No Alternative. 
Just Say No.


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