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Re: [OM] Image Processing - AAARGH!!

Subject: Re: [OM] Image Processing - AAARGH!!
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:09:48 -0700
Thanks Bill.

For the $39.99 for Affinity, I thought I would give it a try. You may be 
Also, I use a number PS plugins, which are not portable. It was the poor focus 
that spurred me into looking.


At 6/5/2019 11:47 AM, Bill wrote:
>Will comment on what I know. First, and why I'm staying with PS, is that the 
>amount of time wasted because some parts of PS are slow is no more than a 
>tenth of the time needed to learn a new program. 
>I've not tried all on your list, but here's my experiences. I have tried 
>Capture 1, Topaz plugins, and Affinity. I ran up the white flag and bailed on 
>C! and Affinity when I realized that the learning curve would be way too much. 
>As to Topaz, they have NO decent support. If you can't solve a problem using 
>the online FAQ's, the for get it. They apparently have no telephones, and are 
>loathe to answer emails. And anyway, what they sell are basically just PS 
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>Subject: Re: [OM] Image Processing - AAARGH!! 
>Updating old topic. 
>I have been watching JCristina on 'Life after Adobe' where he is cutting the 
>cord with Adobe. Which prompted me, considering Ken's comment on Adobe "end of 
>life" and other online comments about adobe's software is getting old, slow, 
>and a resource hog. It appears that other programs that do similar functions 
>run much faster. My nephew worked for Adobe a number of years back and it was 
>clear then the company was a lumbering giant. Perhaps some newer, more nimble 
>companies can compete. There are a lot more options today. 
>So I am splurging and trying some other software. I can't say I ever fell in 
>love with Lightroom although I never took the time to really learn it. I'm 
>certainly not a production photographer. On my list I have the following 
>Photoshop + Lightroom classic 
>Capture One V12 
>ON1 Photo RAW 
>Topaz Labs - various tools 
>Affinity Photo 
>Neat Image 
>What really prompted me to start looking for alternatives was how terrible PS 
>was at focus stacking, especially with cactus spines. A spine coming toward or 
>away will often suddenly have a fuzzy section or fuzzy tip. It typically 
>requires a lot of painful mask editing, and figuring out which layer and mask 
>in the stack to fix - Totally Frustrating. 
>Helicon Focus seems the best available for stacking, but you would think for 
>the price they could also do panorama stitching. 
>Capture One had a sale, so I upgraded. Capture One has layers and masking 
>Affinity Photo looks decent and on sale for $39.99. This has advanced 
>stitching, refinement tools, and what PS calls 'content aware fill' with the 
>name 'inpainting'. 
>I would also like to try helicon focus at some point, maybe PTGui for 
>stitching... after working with what I have. It will be a while before I know. 
>PS is still my main goto until I learn these other tools. 
>Curious about other's opinions. 
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