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Subject: [OM] Re: Tripods
From: BllPear@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:45:43 -0400
Albert, and all the others on this subject,

I have just spent most of the day shooting with a Bogen 410 on a Gitzo 320, and 
will spend some of tomorrow doing more of the same, and in addition, I also own 
two Tiltalls, but..........

Tripods are not a requirement for good photography, just as a 4x5 and Tri-x 
souped in HC110 using the zone system aren't either. For some types of 
photography, they range from valuable to essential. For others, they can be a 
real nuisance.

I wouldn't even think about travel with one except for trips to rural areas in 
my own car.  I'll be leaving for Italy in about a month, and the tripods stay 
at home. I don't wnat to spoil my vacation getting one about, and I don't want 
to be one of those people that use one in busy public spaces, getting in 
everyone's way.

I also can't imagine street photography with tripod. Just imagine what the 
results would have been if Cartier-Bresson had used one. Can you say Decisive 

And on the subject, would his photos have been better if they were critically 

A tripod is a tool. Just as a saw isn't a screwdriver, it has it's uses. Just 
not for every job.

Bill Pearce

Oh, and you'll pry my 410 head from my cold, dead hands!

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