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Subject: [OM] Re: Tripods
From: "John A. Lind" <jalind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:15:58 -0500
At 05:53 PM 4/27/2005, Joel Wilcox wrote:
>Shucks, Albert.  There's always something.  If you bracket, someone will 
>say you don't have the skills to get the exposure right in one try.  If 
>you shoot RAW, someone will say you love your computer and stink as a 
>photographer.  If you use a tripod, they'll say you can't hold the camera 
>steady.  If you shoot film, they'll say you're wasting money and that 
>digital is better.  If you use the viewfinder, they'll say the LCD is better.

Yep . . . all symptoms of insecurity . . . pushing someone else down to 
feel on top . . .  instead of the far more productive mode used by those 
who know what they're about and are secure with it . . . raising oneself up.

It's why I abandoned worrying about what others thought about how I make my 
photographs long ago.  They can use what suits them best and do it however 
they wish.  Some worry about their image when taking photographs; others 
worry about their photographs when making images.  Stephen Gandy has a 
marvelous suggestion for those that are truly self-conscious about their image:
He has a couple other variants that would be equally impressive:

At 06:58 PM 4/27/2005, Albert wrote:
>I don't think comparing cameras is all that great, comparing photos and 
>composition, that is something I enjoy..

Albert . . .
Select your best work, and start entering it in judged/juried photography 
shows . . . not the 4x6 Everyman print contests . . . find the ones that 
require large prints prepared for salon or gallery presentation.  It's 
there you'll find those that are truly serious about their photography, 
very little talk about what was used, more about formal elements 
(composition), light and execution (technique), and it will provide the 
formal, critiqued "comparison" of photographs you enjoy.

-- John Lind

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