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Subject: [OM] Re: Tripods
From: "James N. McBride" <jnmcbr@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:39:52 -0600
I use tripods but am not a big fan of ball heads except for small ones on
clamps and other weird supports. I have a large collection of Bogen goodies
for supporting cameras and lights. I use anything I can to support the
camera and lens. Bean bags, shoulder stocks, fence posts, trees, rocks, and
monopods are all good. My Jeep has no window sills to put a bean bag on so I
built custom camera supports that move on overhead rails for shooting out
both sides.  For active wildlife, I like to use a large fluid head with the
motor drive actuator button on the control handle. For large lenses where
setup time is minimal, a monopod with cradle-type camera mount is nice. For
a preplanned shoot you can have what you need there. When you are shooting
as the opportunity presents itself, no matter how much equipment you own,
you just can't have it all with you all the time and will need to be
innovative. Use whatever you need and worry less about what other people
around you think. /jmac

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> But while I'm at it, I wanted to get an informal survey of how many
> of you "still" shoot off tripods..  I just bought a Manfrotto ball
head, > a big one, and it makes a huge difference..

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