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[OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs

Subject: [OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs
From: Jonas Otter <jonas@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 10:35:25 +0200
David Reed wrote:


> Jonas,
> Let me clarify my knowledge, or the lack thereof.
> I have had to wait many years, until just 6 weeks ago, to acquire my 
> first DVD recorder. It is installed in my PC.


I'm not quite sure if I upset you or not, I certainly didn't mean to. The 
background to why I wrote my little piece was this:

I have been working with computers, hardware and software since 1980, and been 
interested in audio since the '60s. Three years ago I lost my job when the 
owner of the company I worked for by a combination of greed and stupidity 
managed to make the company go bankrupt. For a while I had a job working in the 
warehouse of a company that imports various recordable DVDs, CDs etc from Hong 
Kong/China, and then I became interested in what it actually was I was lugging 
around in heavy boxes. I knew from which company the containers full of DVDs 
came, and poking around on the Internet I was intrigued to find out that the 
DVDs we sold could contain info that said that they were made by e.g. "Multi 
Media Machinary S.A." who are in Switzerland, when I knew they were made 
somewhere in Hong Kong or China, possibly not even by the company who sold them 
to us. This could only mean that the factory that made them bought either glas 
masters or production lines or both from the Swiss company.

So then I learnt that there is no reliable way of finding out who made a 
particular brand of CD or DVD (at least not the own-brand ones) and whether it 
is good, OK or bad, except by getting hold of test results, or testing them 
yourself. The company I worked for might provide test results, since they had 
their products tested regularly, but they would certainly not tell you who made 
them since they had them branded with their own brand. They also sold TDK discs 
which I got the impression were good. TDK also have a new line of 
"scratch-proof" discs which you cannot scratch even with steel wool (yes, it 
has been tested). If I needed to be sure of getting something that was 
reliable, based on what I learnt, I would by Kodak, TDK, Verbatim or possibly 
Maxell or Sony.

Driving a dump truck doesn't sound bad at all... I have now got back to 
the "bleeding edge", the money is certainly better now...

My 2 öre (approx $0.0028)

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