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[OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs

Subject: [OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs
From: R.Jackson <jackson.robert.r@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 02:10:21 -0700
Back when I used a PC I used to use a really handy program called CD-R 
Identifier. It's still around. From its description:

CD-R Identifier is a very handy tool which is able to read the ATIP (or 
Pre-Groove) from any CD-R. The ATIP is used to store important 
characteristics of the CD-R itself (like Nominal Capacity, Disc 
Manufacturer & Used Dye-type).

Keep in mind that not all CD-Writers are able to read the ATIP. Most 
CD-Writers from HP, Mitsumi, Philips, Plextor, Sony & Yamaha are able. 
The Teac CD-R55S is not!

In my limited experience, the only CD-Rs I've consistently heard to 
have tested very well are Taiyo Yudens. They are frequently branded as 
Imation or Sony or Philips, but unless you keep up on who's using what 
this week there's almost no way to know that you're always getting 
Taiyo Yuden blanks, so I just buy no-name Taiyo Yudens from American 


I see they're currently getting $20 for a spindle of 50. Now DVD media 
is another story, but everything I've read says that Taiyo Yuden is 
reliable so far with blank DVDs. I'm no expert; just offering up what 
I've heard, read and experienced. YMMV. BTW, I'm not affiliated with 
Taiyo Yuden or American Digital; I've just had good results with both.

On Apr 18, 2005, at 1:35 AM, Jonas Otter wrote:

> So then I learnt that there is no reliable way of finding out who made 
> a particular brand of CD or DVD (at least not the own-brand ones) and 
> whether it is good, OK or bad, except by getting hold of test results, 
> or testing them yourself. 

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