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[OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs

Subject: [OM] Re: CDs, was Question on DVDs
From: David Reed <david1953@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 12:20:53 -0500

Let me clarify my knowledge, or the lack thereof.

I have had to wait many years, until just 6 weeks ago, to acquire my 
first DVD recorder. It is installed in my PC.
I have been around computers since a neighbor taught me to keypunch on 
the humungous IBM mainframe he operated in 1965.
I was ten at the time and he was able to do this in 3 Saturday mornings, 
each a 4 hour visit to his system.
I have been working with PCs' since I taught myself to program in BASIC 
in 1985.
I have been a systems tech, network administrator, network engineer, 
software support specialist, and have built many a PC.
As a videowall tech and audio/video production tech, I have been 
intimate with audio/video technology used in entertainment and 
convention/exhibit venues since the mid 1970's.
I have had produced, from original 1" Betacam tape, finished laserdiscs 
by 3M in Minneapolis.

I am not and would not claim to be an expert regarding the manufacturing 
of media used for either video or audio tape, laserdiscs or DVD/CDs'.

In recent years, I have only learned as much as is necessary for me to 
produce backup copies of some of my personally owned software and DVD 
movies, for safekeeping and data backups of my PC system, and to keep my 
PC Operating Sytem updated and working properly.

Having spent far too much time & energy over the years in some of the 
fields of work mentioned above, to stay on the leading "bleeding" edge 
of technology, just to stay in step or, even at times, a step ahead of 
the competition nipping at my heels ready to eat me for lunch (mostly 
persons half my age), since exiting the professional pursuit of the 
almighty dollar, I have really not tried to know all there is to know.

In 1998, I made a right-turn out of the fast lane in Las Vegas and 
landed in southwest Missouri, got a job driving an over-the-road 
18-wheeler truck, no great mental challenge, but not as easy as some 
would like to think, in my efforts to make a "lifestyle" change and 
still make an honest living. I feel I have succeeded in that endeavor 
since, at this time, I sold my own 18-wheeler 1 year ago and got a job 
driving someone elses' 10-wheel dump-truck locally and now I get to 
sleep in my own bed every night and eat meals in my own kitchen every 
night and see my wife and daughter daily. Instead of only 2-3 times a month.

I appreciate your comments and those of others that can help all of us 
to better understand the problems associated with selecting quality 
media for whatever purpose we have in mind, be it film photography, or 
audio/video reproduction.

Jonas Otter wrote:

>David Reed wrote: 
>>At the following link you will find a tool that tells you the media ID 
>>of a disc.
>Note that the media ID of a disc is physically encoded into the side-to-side 
>meander of the track on the disc, therefore it comes from the glass master 
>used to press the plastic blank used to make the disc, so it will really only 
>show you who made the master or the machine that made the master, not who 
>pressed and/or coated the actual disc. They are often not the same company, 
>and what really counts is not who made the master, but the quality of the 
>various coatings. Many discs are made in China by companies that have bought 
>masters or mastering equipment from somebody else. Thus you need to take any 
>information the media ID may give you with many large fistfuls of salt. 
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