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[OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??

Subject: [OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??
From: Joel Wilcox <jowilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 22:55:07 -0500
At 11:00 PM 4/15/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>In a message dated 4/15/2005 10:53:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>jalind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > I'm not a big fan of the Zuiko 75-150/4 two-touch.  I had one for 
> nearly 20
> > years.  Build quality was on par with all other Zuiko's, but optical
> > quality was below par compared to most other Zuiko lenses.  It is one of
> > three "S Zuiko Zoom" lenses Olympus made.  The other two were the 28-48/4
> > and 35-70/4.  All three were intended for the "budget minded" consumer
> > market, hence the "S" designation.
>I don't think the 75-150 was designated an "S" Zuiko. The 100-200/5 was,
>though, as were the two Cosina zooms released with the OM2000.

Also the beloved 35-70/3.5-4.5.

Joel W.

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