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[OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??

Subject: [OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??
From: P2CON@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:55:44 EDT
In a message dated 4/15/2005 10:28:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
scottgee1@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Hi all;

Well, thought I had the lens I wanted/needed in the Tamron 70~150
f/3.5, but it has an odd flaw.  When zoomed out to 70mm, filter cannot
be accessed and thus polarizer cannot be controlled.  Sadly, it's
going to back from whence it came even though it's a fine lens
otherwise.>> big snip<<>>
I don't really understand this.  Granted, it is a pain to use a polarizer on 
a lens whose front element rotates when focusing, but it simply becomes a 
procedural thing to get the scene you want composed, focused and polarized 
pressing the shutter button.

The one-touch Tamron 70-150 is much too fine a lens to let a little 
procedural thing with polarizers bother you.  It has a fantastic macro 
capability all 
the way to 1:3 at the 150mm end that can go to 1:1.5 with the 2x converter on 

For polarizer use the sliding hood has to be retracted for easy access to 
adjust the polarization anyway, so just slide the zoom back to 150mm at the 
time, make your polarization change and then slide the zoom back to your 
composition setting.  The focus remains constant regardless of zoom setting.  
but a piece of cake just the same. :-)

Regards, Paul Connet

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