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[OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift
From: "Mike Hatam" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 21:40:16 -0700

Thanks John - this is very helpful information.

I have a Zuiko 35mm shift lens on the way - I'm eager to try it out.  But
the 24mm focal length is perfect for me, so I'm still on a quest to get at
least one of those.

Regarding the Zuiko 18mm lens... I've seen two variations of this lens.  One
has the letters "MC" on the body (near the front element), and one does not.

I assumed that the one that does not have those letters was the SC version,
but I must be wrong about that.

Can anyone here shed any light on the difference in these two versions for
of the Zuiko 18mm lens for me?


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Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

More seriously . . .
Welcome to this list.

At 11:18 AM 4/13/2005, Mike wrote:
>If you all help me get my hands on these lenses, then I will gladly post
>some photos with the 1DsII :)
>I'm interested in the earlier version of the 18/3.5 - the one without the
>multi-coating.  If anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know.

I don't believe a single-coated version ever existed except on paper.  I 
know (if they did exist) that they wouldn't command as high a price as the 
MC versions.  However, with a lens that wide, MC optics are definitely more 
beneficial as compared to the difference between SC and MC with the long 
lenses.  I have an MC (nope, not for sale) and it is prone to aperture 
flare if extremely bright point light sources are within its field of 
view.  I discovered this using it for some urban night work that contained 
some very bright street lights that were fairly close to me (very difficult 
to see in the viewfinder when it's dark).

You've asked about some uncommon and pretty salty lenses!  They were 
considered top end pro lenses and are not only excellent in optical design, 
they were made in very few numbers (very low demand compared to mainstream, 
consumer or pro-sumer lenses).  Combine the two . . . excellent optics with 
rarity . . . and the resale price of excellent condition examples remains 
pretty stiff.

BTW, I have a 35/2.8 shift and it is an excellent lens.  I'd love to have a 
24/3.5 shift also, but cannot justify the cost of the 24/3.5 shift for the 
frequency with which I would use it.

Hang around a little while longer and we'll eventually let you in on the 
story of Olympus' Secret Wyoming Factory . . . another List Legend.

-- John

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