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[OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift
From: "Jeff Keller" <jeff-keller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 08:16:55 -0700
I've heard of a number of C*non digital users seeking out the Zeiss 35-70.
The Zuiko 35-80 is considered a stellar performer but I don't know of anyone
putting it on a C*non. Sinar used to put them on their cameras.

The Zuiko 18mm is a jewel. I haven't tried it on a digital camera though.

Hopefully you'll publish some links to sample shots using the Zuikos. Nudge,
nudge, wink, wink ...


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From: Mike Hatam
Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

Recently, I've been using Zeiss for my wide lenses.  The 18/4, 21/2.8, 28/8,
and 35-70 macro zoom, are the Zeiss lenses I use most.


I'm also curious about the Olympus 18/3.5, which I will also be trying soon.


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