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[OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift
From: "Jeff Keller" <jeff-keller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:11:00 -0700
Olympus put MC on the multi-coated lenses early on but later quit doing 
that. So a lens that is MC but isn't labeled MC is probably a newer lens. 
Some of the more common lenses have multiple design revisions.

Serial nos. don't always tell the age either. When they changed versions 
they apparently sometimes rounded up or sometimes started from a low serial 
number again.



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From: "Mike Hatam" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 9:40 PM
Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

> Can anyone here shed any light on the difference in these two versions for
> of the Zuiko 18mm lens for me?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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