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[OM] Re: longevity of light seals in an OM

Subject: [OM] Re: longevity of light seals in an OM
From: "PhotoSphere Olympus Camera Service" <olyfix@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 11:47:20 -0500
This is anecdotal data but nearly half of the OM-4/OM-2s's I see these days
are suffering "foam rot".  Five years ago it was relatively rare.

Interestingly enough, often the material in the narrow channels at the top
and bottom of the back will begin to disintegrate before the wide strip at
the hinge.  I've learned to always draw a tweezer point along the foam
strips at the top and bottom when estimating every 2s/4, not just check the
hinge foam.

> Given careful and not excessive use and storage in a clean, dust free,
> and low humidity location of an OM camera, what should be the expected
> useful life of the foam light seals round the film gate at the back of the
> body?

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