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[OM] Re: longevity of light seals in an OM

Subject: [OM] Re: longevity of light seals in an OM
From: "CyberSimian" <OlySimian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 09:53:13 -0000
John Hudson wrote:
> Given careful and not excessive use and storage in a clean, dust free,
> cool and low humidity location of an OM camera, what should be the
> expected useful life of the foam light seals round the film gate at the 
> back of the body?

My early OM2 (purchased new in 1976) still has its original foam, and is
still working well (it has never been serviced).  There is a film in it at
the moment, so I cannot check to see if there are any signs of the foam
starting to disintegrate.  My pattern of use corresponds to your

-- from Cy in the UK

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