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Re: [OM] Trip recomendations in general?

Subject: Re: [OM] Trip recomendations in general?
From: dreammoose <dreammoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:42:46 -0800
Th thing that may not be clear in all this train vs. bus stuff is the difference in routes. There are trains that run along the coast, with wonderful scenery. If you want to stop in the SF Bay area, trains go right there, rather than requiring a lengthy side trip.

Daniel J. Mitchell wrote:

NO, NO, NO! Don't take the bus. This will be the honeymoon from hell.
Take the train. My daughter takes the train down to Portland regularly.
Also I believe that Amtrak has some very good deals to LA in December.

Looks like we can get 350ff if we book online with mastercard, which is
probably worth having; the thing about taking the bus down, though, is that
we get to stop off at places on the way down and look around. It sounds as
if there's not a lot to look around _at_, but, still, anywhere I've not been
yet is interesting to me just because I haven't been there..

Still, if there's some way to take the train that would be nice -- we're
planning on taking a week or so to get down there, so we won't just be
sitting on the bus for a day solidly, we'd be stopping off to see things
along the way. It might well be worth seeing if there's some way to take
Greyhound through more scenic places, though.

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