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[OM] Trip recomendations in general?

Subject: [OM] Trip recomendations in general?
From: "Daniel J. Mitchell" <DanielMitchell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:18:57 -0700
 As in previous message, I'm going to be in Hawaii for ten days this
december. There's more, though; this is an extended honeymoon, so there's a
bunch of places we'll be before and after that.

 current itinerary is:

 Calgary -> Vancouver on Greyhound, hang out there. This part of the trip,
at least, I know what's what.
 Vancouver -> Portland on Greyhound. 

 Rent car in Portland for a few days, see the coast. Any tips for things to
see here? Julia used to take trips down there with her family when she was
younger, so she's got things she wants to show me -- is there stuff inland
as well?

 Back onto the bus again, on south to LA. Here, the bus is a bit inland, not
right along the coast; my US geography's pretty sketchy -- obviously,
there's stuff along the way, but is there anything I should be sure not to

 LA, see Disneyland. Plenty of photo ops here, I'm sure..

 LA -> Hawaii, stay in hostel in Hawaii, go see whatever we can get to;
buses, most likely, because car rental is going to be pretty expensive.

 Hawaii -> New Zealand on cruise liner. I don't think there's a lot of photo
ops on the ship (though I may be wrong -- presumably sunset/sunrise over the
ocean should be worth watching out for); this stops off at Tahiti, Moorea,
and Bora-Bora on the way, so beaches, Polynesian culture, etc -- anyone got
any specifics I should see there?

 Arrive in NZ, first stop at Tauranga, finally get off the boat at Auckland.

 That's about as far as we're planning in detail right now; we've got
temporary working visas for NZ, so the current idea is to hang out doing bar
work/dishwashing/fruit picking or something equally generic to pay the rent,
and in general hang out in NZ seeing stuff.

 There's a lot of NZ, though, and we're planning on being there for some
months; once I get down there, we'll get email sorted out somehow and I'll
be back asking for more info.. 

 thanks for any and all tips anyone has,

 -- dan

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