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[OM] Colour temperature?

Subject: [OM] Colour temperature?
From: Siri Bjoner <sbjoner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 00:00:23 +0200
 Last week, I did a photo shoot of a band. Almost as bad as a wedding -
friends, doing it for cost price, the whole works. I don`t mind doing that
sort of shoot, but I need to have a topic, or an image, to be able to go
good work!

We end up using a sofa, OM-4 set up with Ultra & tripod. I started thinking
about what filters to use on the lights, and decided on a cold blue and
cold bluegreen (to compensate for my films, as they were all daylight).
Shot one roll of Ultra (@40), two rolls of Super-G 800 (@640) and one
Provia 1600 (@640).

Developped the Provia @ 800, picked it up yesterday, yikes! Talk about
overcompensation! The film was perfectly exposed on "external lighting",
but I should have stayed with 800, as I`d obviously chosen the right
filters for compensating.

Developped the others today, even worse, 2 stops overexposed? *sigh*

Big problem is; I have absolutely no knowledge on colour temperature, apart
from a half-sentence many years ago from my boss at a video academy. (I was
working as a "production assistant" - doing as little as possible... ;-)

I really want to learn more about this, cos it means I wouldn`t have to
bracket wildly the next time I do a colour (read: slide) shoot of a
concert, or some other place with artificial lighting. (Yes, I know I can
use an 80A or 80B filter, but concert lighting varies from cold blue to
warm red...)

So; can anyone recommend any literature on this subject? All I have is two
half-pages from "The Bare Bones camera course for Film and Video" ... not
much use for still pics....



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