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[OM] Documentation Update

Subject: [OM] Documentation Update
From: Pauls0627@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:06:57 EDT
I've already received a few documentation inventories from list members.
Thanks to everyone who has sent so far, and to those of you who have
volunteered resources for this project (web space, scanning, etc...). With
just the little bit of data I've received so far, I've already noticed
something a few of you may find interesting. There are at least two English
versions of the OM-2 instruction manual, with date codes two months apart.
One, dated 0977 is a 79 page manual, the other dated 1177 is an 84 page
manual. Any ideas as to what would have been changed in those two months?
Perhaps one is a US manual, the other international? I suspect even more
interesting might be the data sheets which come with the Zuiko lenses, and how
they might have been changed over the years.

Just thought this was interesting.

Paul Schings

P.S. Once again, anyone who would like to participate in this project, please
e-mail me what documentation you have, including the date codes (usually found
at the bottom of the back cover) and number of pages in the manual.

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