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Re:[OM] Colour temperature?

Subject: Re:[OM] Colour temperature?
From: "marc simon" <marc.simon@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 19:59:51 +0200
Hi Siri,
I second the suggestion of Christopher Biggs of "The Ilford Manual of
and I also recommend "Basic Photography" & "Advanced Photography" of Michael
Langford both published by Focal Press
from the last one this little reminder of the colour temperature of some

   10,000°K--Clear Blue sky(and up to 30,000°k)

                  }--Overcast Sky

    6,000°K--"Daylight" (sun +clear sky)
                     {Blue Dyed flashbulbs--

                      {Electronic Flash (equivalent T° not continuous

    5,400°K--"Mean Noon Sunlight

    3,800°K--Clear Flashbulbs
    3,400°K--Photoflood & Overrun Tungsten-Halogen Lamp

    3,200°K--Normal T-H Lamps/Spotlight Lamp

    2,800°K--100w domestic lamp
    2,600°K--25w domestic Lamp

    2,200°K--Bottled Gas & Paraffin Lamps

    1,930°K--Wax Candle (Like Kubrick's film "Barry Lyndon" if you've seen

you probably knows that, don't forget that some light sources are not
continuous ones like most fluorescent tubes or mercury vapour lamps: there
are some "gaps" in their colour spectrum (missing wavelengths for example
some reds in low pressure mercury).
I remember a sort of chart of conversion with Wratten Gelatin filters but
unfortunately I have no time for the moment to search it (Californian
but I guess you could find information about those conversion filters on
Kodak Site or on another Filter Producing Site.
I have some literature about Colorimetry so if you need more info...(but not
before the end of the month)
A little "trick" to "see" the difference between "artificial" and "daylight"
the eye (in fact the brain) automatically correct colour temperature but not
immediately so if you have a "well Known" source, for example a small
flashlight (around 2,800°K a little bit warmer than artificial spotlight)
illuminate your hand with it and "compare" with the faces of artists on
stage (of course in "white light") if they looks more bluer they are
probably lighted with "daylight source".
Hope you could find some information in that but lighting is often a
question of trials.

OM content: the possible meeting of some "eminent" members of the list
during my Californian Trip...

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