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[OM] All f2s (was top ten)

Subject: [OM] All f2s (was top ten)
From: dhurley@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:04:56 -0500
"As a fairly hard core speed lover......this is clearly
attributable to my passion for motor sport.  F/2.8 is very expensive in a
300mm lens.  If I could get f/2 I think I'd go for it.  Stop shooting
Formula One or NASCAR, the Oly 300 f/4.5 would be just fine."

        While I would love to have a big, fast tele, I don"t understand
the need for the faster lenses in this application?  What am I missing?
        I have been successfully shooting racing cars from the normal
spectator areas for years with a slower zoom and even a 2X tele-converter
in combination with assorted primes.  The zoom is a Tamron 60-300 (f5.4 @
300mm) and when I need a little more length, I slap a 2X on the back of
my 180  f2.8 and get a 360 f5.6.    I have also used a 100 f2.8 and a 135
f2.8 with and without the 2X satisfactorily.  Using ASA 100, both print
and slides, I am usually shooting at f8 or f11 depending on the weather,
with shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/250.  I seldom, if ever, am using the
lens wide open.
        As one Zuikoholic to another,  give me a reason to start saving
for a 350 2.8.   ;-)
Daryl Hurley

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