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Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.

Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: PCACala@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 07:11:18 EDT
Hi Ken:

<< Like a few others one the list, I seem to do my best work
 only after hiking billions of miles with at least 35 pounds on my back. >>

Colin Fletcher wrote elegantly about that in "The Complete Walker" (and
sequels).  I believe he called it the "Inverse Law of Appreciation."  One
appreciates the landscape more when traveling at less speed throught it.
However, holding speed of travel constant, I appreciate it less the more
weight I am carrying.

I have found that the more one is closed in or isolated within the landscape,
the more one's senses are at their peak.  Fog is my ultimate aesthetic
catylist, as are canyons, cave openings, mountain tops, talus slopes, and
cliffs.  Or in turbulant weather of which others might say: "You'll get struck
by lightening."  Yah, that is why the resulting shots are dramatic!

For example: A few of us have been to Paria Canyon on the Utah/Arizona line.
How did those of you approach photography at "The Windows" (about 1.6 miles
south of the White House trailhead).  Did you photograph them in the sunlight,
or climb within one and shoot out using a super wide angle?  David Munech did
so at Valley of Fire State Park and got a shot I unlike any I've seen
published by other photographers from that often photographed park.

Gary Reese
Las Vegas, NV

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