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Re: [OM] Maybe and other stories (was:NO) - Some OLY content

Subject: Re: [OM] Maybe and other stories (was:NO) - Some OLY content
From: Clive Warren <Clive.Warren@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 98 11:57:28 BST
>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:59:08 -0800
>From: Gary Schloss <schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: [OM] Just say NO (was: Yes) - Zero OLY content
>Pauls0627@xxxxxxx and george <gma@xxxxxxxxxx> co-wrote:
>> > - any Rush fans out there?)
>> Limbaugh? <g>
>>Him Too!!!! <g>
>Oh boy!  Two weeks of high minded, intelligent discussions on
>photography, aesthetics, etc... And to be interrupted by THIS?
>How rude!
>IMHO, it is simply inexcusable, and very, very cruel to plunge us
>all without any warning to such depths of intellectual vacuousness.
>Today, the already grave situation was greatly exacerbated by the
>incessant, inexplicable urge to compile "Top Ten" lists (... and
>I thought this was a purely American obsession... Oh, the perils
>of cultural imperialism :-)).
>I think all the perpetrators of such unspeakable vulgarities
>should immediately cease and desist. As punishment, each one of
>them is condemned to 4 weeks of dressing up in Fuehrer Fatboy's
>hideously garish neckwear, and of listening exclusively to Spice
>Girls music (audio only, no visuals!). :-)
>/Gary Schloss.
>Studio City, CA


It has recently been brought to my attention that there have been reports
of my death - these are of course, greatly exaggerated.  Just do not have a
life at the moment.........

Is "Rush" like the feeling when you fill the frame with something transient
you know could make a superb photo, your fingers become clammy, your heart
races and when you wind-on for the shot you find you've already shot the
last frame on the film?

Aesthetically pleasing work can indeed be brought about through pain - some
of my best work came about through the angst of discussing the optical
construction and coating of 50mm f1.8 lenses - other minor success came
through the experience of vacillation......

Great to hear that the whole 50mm saga can now be read by those on the list
who may have missed it the first time 'round.  Thanks again for all your
hard work Shawn.

Talking of resolution etc etc.  Zuikos are pretty good, but it would be
hard to beat a good large format lens ;-)   For example:

Schneider                                   Centre  Middle  Edge
               Symmar APO f/5.6 210mm  f/11   76      76     60 

Theoretic maximum resolution (in lines/mm)
                            f/11 136
                            f/16 87
                            f/22 68
                            f/32 47

Limits are influenced too as a variation of angle from axis _and_
radial/tangential line orientation.  This is expressed in the following:

                degress off axis 0  15 20 20 45
                 tangential f/16 87 83 72 56 31
                    radial  f/16 87 86 82 75 62

From: Richard Knoppow and p.30 of Photographic Optics
by Allen R. Greenleaf (1950) The Macmillan Co.

At the end of the day, unless you making 3feet x 2feet prints and want to
have the resolution in the prints - a lot of these lens resolution/coating
issues are not too significant.  What matters more is your vision and

One of my all time favourite photos was taken on a box brownie (actually a
Kodak Duaflex with f11 aperture and 1/40 shutter speed) by Bert Hardy in
June 1951 "Maidens-In-Waiting - two girls sitting on the promenade railings
by the sea front at Blackpool.  The photo. has been nominated as one of the
top 100 photos of the century by Amateur Photagrapher magazine here in the

I have bought one of these cameras and wonder whether it has single or

I'll be back.....

All the best,

              Clive   http://clive.bel-epa.com

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